Jordy Rosenberg is a professor of 18th-Century Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies + Critical Theory at The University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and the author of Confessions of the Fox.  Confessions is forthcoming in the US/Canada from Random House in June 2018, and in the UK/Australia/New Zealand from Atlantic Books in July 2018, with audiobook forthcoming from Recorded Books, narrated by Aden Hakimi. At Random House, Confessions of the Fox will be published in Chris Jackson's One World imprint, edited by Jackson and Victory Matsui.   

He has won a bunch of scholarly awards and published numerous works of academic writing and experimental prose. Confessions of the Fox is his first novel. The short description of the book is: Trans + anti-imperialist + anti-capitalist speculative fiction of jailbreaks and sex hormones.  A longer description, plus some advance blurbs, can be found in the "Confessions of the Fox" and "Press" tabs, above.

He lives in New York City and Northampton, Massachusetts.

If you're into that kind of thing, more about his scholarly work can be found here .

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